April 2020

Tracks Of The Month

R&B: Two Tracks This Month 

1. Kiana Lede' -  Movin

2. Terry Blade - The Unloveable

Throwback: Two Tracks This Month 

1. Bill Withers - Heartbreak Road 

2. Prince - Insatiable 

Hip Hop: Five Tracks This Month

1. Fred The Godson, Army Regime &

    Katt Rockell - We Are Here

2. Fred The Godson - God Level

3. Yung JB - Takemoney ft. Fred The Godson

4. Beanz - No Sunshine ft. Fred The Godson 

5. Timmy Swerve - Come Up ft. Fred The Godson 

Throwback: Jadakiss - In & Out


Reggae: James P - Capeless Heroes

House: Slava Sid - Chupa Chups  

Dance: Peter Monk Deep Defied - Cant Hide It 

Pop: Eric Shaun - No One Better

Ratchet: Trouble - Medusa ft. Jeezy 


Alternative: Walrus - Cool To Who

Instr: Army Regime - G.O.A.T.

Rock: Francesco Luz - If You Believe 

Country: Brandon Whitley - Other Half



Katt Rockell - Pushin'





       May 2020  

Tracks Of The Month

R&B: Two Tracks This Month 

1. Kingklegacy - Her

2. The Real J Israel - Damn Good Man 

Throwback: Two Tracks This Month 

1. Betty Wright - Share My Love 

2. Stevie Wonder - Boogie On Reggae Woman 

Hip Hop: Two Tracks This Month

1. GNL - Dear Hiphop 

2. Jack Harlow - Whats Poppin

Throwback: Heavy D - Don't You Know


Reggae: Alkaline - High Props

House: Jacob Andrew & DJ Ex - Pmad 

Dance: G Voudouris - Close Your Eyes ft. Dcoverz

Pop: Sarah Silva - Somebody Like Me

Ratchet: Two Tracks This Month 

1. Moneybagg - Me vs Me

2. Lil Baby x 42 Dugg - We Paid


Alternative: Lady Gaga - 1000 Doves

Instr: Two Tracks This Month 

1. Young Dolph - Sunshine

2. Ludacris - S.O.T.L. ft. Lil Wayne

Rock: Little Richard - Long Tall Sally

Country: Adam Blythe - We Can Go Tonight 



1. Fred Hammond - We're Blessed 

2. Rod Wave - Heart On Ice ft. Lil Durk

3. Kirk Franklin - Imagine Me





       June 2020

Tracks Of The Month

R&B: Chris Brown - Black Lives Matter ft. Nas

Throwback: Marvin Gaye - Mercy Mercy Me

Hip Hop: Four Tracks This Month 

1. Papoose - Tribute

2. R.A.Z.E.R - Chess 

3. Joe Moses - Black Lives Matter

4. Big Steven - Hands Up

Throwback: Public Enemy - Shut 'Em Down 


Reggae: Bob Marley - Get Up, Stand Up 

House: Stormzy - Shut Up 

Dance: Cynthia Erivo - Stand Up (From Harriet)

Pop: BTS - Make It Right ft. Lauv

Ratchet: Dae Dae - Black Lives Matter ft. London On Da Track 


Alternative: The Smubbs - Rosary Anne 

Instr: Buddy - Trouble On Central 

Rock: Body Count - No Lives Matter 

Country: Birdz - Black Lives Matter 



1. Lady Leshurr - Black Panther 

2. Nick Cannon - Stand For What

3. Beyonce' - Freedom ft. Kendrick Lamar 







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